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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industries have always been subject to complex legal issues. The sheer size of construction projects, the ever-present danger of pollution incidents, the politics of who owns which resources, the need for effective sales and purchase agreements and the arrangements for transporting fuel all demand experienced and focused legal advice.

In recent years, supply shortages, new technologies and a move towards cleaner fuel are among the factors that have created fresh challenges. In the U.S., the boom in domestic shale gas production is keeping natural gas prices relatively low and driving ever-greater consumption, especially in the industrial and electric power sectors. Leading energy companies are also poised to export these reserves to fuel-hungry markets in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Whatever your needs, Eversheds Sutherland’s global oil and gas practices are here to help you navigate this evolving legal area.

Click below to find an Oil & Gas legal advisor in the jurisdiction of your interest:

Transactional &Project Development


Jay Ze

T: +86 10 6583 7388
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Ingrid Zhu-Clark

T: +86 10 6583 7358
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Jae Lemin

T: +852 2186 3201
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Karim Mahmud

Karim Mahmud

T: +44 20 7919 0676
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Karim Mahmud

T: +44 20 7919 0676
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Jason Lovell

T: +44 207 919 4554
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Jubilee Easo

T: +44 207 919 0890
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Latin America

Jubilee Easo

T: +44 207 919 0890
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Middle East & Africa

Dani Kabanni

T: +97 44 49 67 38 6
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Tawfiq Tabbaa

T: + 962 6 566 0613
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Jubilee Easo

Jubilee Easo

T: +44 207 919 0890
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United States

Ben Clark

T: +1 713 470 6107
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Ram Sunkara

+1 713 470 6103
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Rod Bundy

T: +65 6361 9358
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Francis Goh

T: +65 6361 9342
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Chau Yee Tan

T: +65 6361 9850
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David Sellers

T: +33 1 55 73 40 00
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Nanette Pilkington

T: +33 (0) 1 55 73 41 57
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Greg Falkof

T: +44 20 7919 0850
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Middle East & Africa

Richard Ward

T: +974 7065 8076
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John Kemkers

T: +44 207 919 4772
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Greg Falkof

T: +44 20 7919 0850
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United States

Jack Massey

T: +1.713.470.6141
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David Baay

T: +1.713.470.6112
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How Eversheds Sutherland’s oil and gas team can help you

Eversheds Sutherland has been at the forefront of the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years. Our clients span the supply chain – upstream exploration and production, oilfield services, midstream transportation and storage and refining, trading, marketing and distribution downstream. We also provide a full range of regulatory and transactional services to help you achieve your business objectives.

Our experience is genuinely international, including recent projects in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our clients in these regions include major integrated oil companies, pure exploration and production companies, energy trading companies, service companies, financial investors, governments, national and international oil companies.

Our advice covers:

  • acquisition and disposition of upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas properties, licenses and concessions
  • financing arrangements relating to acquisitions, operations and services
  • joint operating agreements
  • production sharing contracts for oil and gas assets and related infrastructure
  • organization and documentation of private joint ventures, limited liability companies and partnerships
  • master service agreements and other agreements between oil and gas producers and oilfield service companies
  • engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas facilities
  • offshore platform operating and sharing agreements
  • purchase, sale and development of LNG terminals and related pipeline facilities
  • development of crude oil terminals
  • development and financing of LPG infrastructure
  • gathering processing, treatment and storage arrangements and related contracts
  • transportation agreements for crude oil, NGLs and other liquids, by pipeline, truck, rail or barge
  • gas sale and purchase agreements
  • gas supply agreements
  • crude oil and petrochemical products sale and purchase agreements

Our oil and gas legal team is strengthened by our international law practices. We have advised on many international law issues affecting oil and gas investment, including boundary delimitation issues, joint development zones and environmental and related international obligations.